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Metal Man lyrics by Marvin, The Paranoid Android

Roger, your ship is out of control
Robot override imperative, repeat imperative
Suggest you assign control to Marvin

This is your Captain calling The temperature is falling
Why is it that I cannot read you?
Listen man, I really need you
Please answer
OK man, here's the plan
You make it hard to love you
Raise your hand, metal hand, to the controls, the control panel above you
I can't move, I'm trapped here, damn it Marvin
Marvin, please acknowledge
Marvin, this is your Captain, please acknowledge
Well, just nod your head if you can hear me
Make it soon, old pal
My vision is cloudy, blurring
And my speech, my speech is slurring
Please help me

Marvin here
Never fear
All systems clear
Don't lose your cool, Captain
You know, this is only the second time in thirty million years
That I've had anything remotely challenging enough
To absorb my massive brain for more than two minutes
You know, old skipper, these blacks holes are really bad news to be trapped in

Oh Marvin, I was always your biggest fan you old son of a bitch

I thought you'd like that

What the hell was going on, you know Marvin?

Well, it doesn't take me long to get nothing done

Wow, what a robot; look at her go

Look at her go

You've got to hand it to that robot

It's a good thing you did hand it to me, isn't it?

Ok Marvin, just try to edge my spacesuit a bit nearer to me, would you buddy?

This is some ship isn't it, my Captain?
All right crew, let's settle down shall we?
Let's get on with the business of flying a spaceship